Knowledge Management Specialist:
PhiladelphiaPA Contract To Hire Sep 18, 2023
Knowledge Management Specialist opportunity!
Our client, a national health care insurance provider is looking for a Knowledge Management Specialist establishes guidelines for gathering and sorting technical information from multiple systems. The associate will develop and maintain user documentation at the highest level of accuracy ensuring the most current information is available to the Operations business areas.
Additional responsibilities include:
1. Develop and prepare communications, Alerts, and Desk Procedures in an inventory format that is easily accessible by the business unit(s)
2. Engage in cross functional-collaboration and consulting with key business partners.
3. Evaluate business processes and analyze work processes in the Operational business areas to ensure that the job aids, education, and updates are created/provided in compliance with regulatory and business requirements.
4. Participate in cross-functional teams focused on projects to enhance customer and associate experience.
5. Attend internal education training to achieve and maintain proficiency in all systems.
6. Serve as a peer reviewer and editor to ensure that our documents have the highest level of accuracy and quality.
7. Coordinate KM project inventory in order to ensure that the business unit and training have the most current and timely information available.
8. Serve as the liaison to Operations business units in meetings and cross-functional teams to recommend process improvement and training.
9. Support assigned projects, maintain appropriate documentation at a task level, monitor deadlines, and service as a technical liaison when appropriate
Collaborate with Operations and learning governance bodies as required to ensure the application of best practices and processes for a consistent approach to learning.
• Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree preferred, or equivalent work-related experience
• Cross-functional experience/knowledge of Operations is required.
• Experience running projects and ability to assess project requests, work independently, and participate in and or lead work groups and cross-functional teams enterprise-wide to ensure the information that is being provided is correct according to operational needs while managing deliverables and deadlines.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally within work groups and internal and external customers.
• Demonstrated ability to develop, formalize and distribute informational communications focusing on critical processes, in systems that include SharePoint and the Knowledge Center.
• Demonstrated ability to develop supporting documents for regulatory, policy, and procedural updates via written communications to impacted businesses in an inventoried order for ease of use and access.
• Must be able to cross-share information with CS and all Operational business partners.
• Must be able to provide timely and accurate information that must be communicated to ensure compliance with mandates, products, programs, policies, procedures, and process changes to support the customer’s experience.
• Must have the ability to act as a liaison and develop relationships with external business partners for the purpose of process improvement, communication development, and training.
• Ability to work well independently and discern unstated/non-obvious needs and impacts.
• Operational knowledge of systems and work processes is required to ensure all impacted areas are included.